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Devcon 11480 Wear Guard High Temp((耐高温耐磨防护剂)

Devcon 11480 Wear Guard High Temp(耐高温耐磨防护剂)
描述:Devcon 11480 Wear Guard High Temp(耐高温耐磨防护剂)是一种以高密度、微小颗粒氧化铝陶瓷材料作为填充材料的环氧修补剂。可以在高温情况下具有很好的耐磨损能力。 用途 可用于修补和维护磨煤机,管路弯管,输料槽,漏斗,破碎机等。产品特点 可耐温至232C°,可很好地粘接金属、陶瓷、水泥比传统的耐磨复合材料提高了30%的耐磨能力优良的耐酸、碱、盐能力   

Devcon Wear Guard High Temp
High-Temperature and high-density, ceramic bead-filled epoxy system for maximum wear and abrasion resistance in processing equipment.

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•Heat-cured, trowelable system that gives up to 30% improvement over conventional wear compounds
•Withstands continuous service temperatures to 450°F
•Unmatched resistances to many acids, bases, salts, and solvents
•Excellent abrasion resistance to all sizes of materials and particulate in high heat applications such as exhausters, pulverizers, and cyclones


Devcon 11480 Wear Guard High Load (大颗粒耐磨防护剂)