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Devcon 11765蓝色陶瓷防护剂

Devcon 11765蓝色陶瓷防护剂

Devcon 11765蓝色属于可涂抹施工,氧化铝填充的环氧修补剂。Devcon 11765蓝色极好的耐化学侵蚀和耐磨损性能,可用于修补、平整、保护易受腐蚀、侵蚀、气蚀的物体表面。

Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue
Low-viscosity, alumina-filled, brushable epoxy compound, when applied to a 15-20 mil coating, provides a smooth protective barrier against wear, abrasion, corrosion, erosion, and chemical attack.

•Temperature range up to 350°F
•3 colors (red blue white) to insure uniform coating
•White is NSF-certified for use in potable water applications
•Low-friction surface reduces turbulence, wear, and cavitation
•Red and white formulas are acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants
•Outstanding chemical resistance to acids, solvents, and alkalis

Devcon Brushable Ceramic Blue
Stock#        Size 
Devcon 11765 2 lb.  
Devcon 11768 55 lb.  
Devcon 11767 12 lb. Devcon 11765蓝色属于可涂抹施工,氧化铝填充的环氧修补剂。Devcon 11765蓝色极好的耐化学侵蚀和耐磨损性能,可用于修补、平整、保护易受腐蚀、侵蚀、气蚀的物体表面。